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UNA Electrical & Solar is an accredited installer of top-quality solar solutions for your home or business


Helping Australian homes and businesses gain the most efficiencies out of their energy use for over 20 years

Almost one-third of Australian households have solar panels — the highest rate in the world. With government rebates and the rising importance of clean energy, Australian are making the switch to solar energy and rapidly seeing the benefits solar energy provides.

Solar energy not only saves many households and businesses money on their energy bill, there’s also a range of benefits that iterate the importance of renewable energy today.

Benefits of Moving to Solar Energy

Reduce your energy bill

Increase your property value

Long-term cost savings

Protect the environment

Gain energy independence

Solar Systems

There are several components that make up a home solar system. Starting off with the solar panels, which take energy from the sun and feed it into an inverter. All the energy stored from the sun travels through a switchboard which allows you to use electricity in your home or business.

We’re an accredited Clean Energy Council Solar retailer, designer and installer as well as certified installers of premium brands such as SunPower, Canadian Solar and Huawei.

Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage is extremely important in storing unused energy from your solar panels. When the sun isn’t shining, solar battery storage take the excess energy gained from previous days and allow you to continue using electricity in your home or business. You’re able to avoid using energy from the grid – as you’re still using the energy you’ve generated through your solar panels. As part of our solar battery storage services we can also provide battery backup solutions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Whether you need an electric vehicle charger or cables, we can install chargers in your home or across multiple business locations to make charging vehicles easily accessible. Speak to us today to discuss the right solution for electrical vehicles.

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